I am Amy: Letters from Tomorrow

Amy Johnson was the first female pilot to fly alone from England to Australia in 1930. She was a pioneer aviatrix and a fascinating character who is known around the world for her many flying accomplishments.

She tragically died in 1941 when the plane she was flying crashed into the Thames Estuary.

Her short but eventful life, and all of her wonderful achievements are being celebrated during Hull’s Amy Johnson Festival: 1st of July – 6th of September 2016. http://www.amyjohnsonfestival.co.uk

One of the festival’s ten exciting writing commissions in association with Hull libraries,’I am Amy: Letters from Tomorrow’ highlights an earlier part of Amy’s life between 1922 and 1928 where she wrote a series of letters to her then partner, Hans Arregger. The letters were kept by Mr Arregger and are now stored at the Hull History Centre: http://historytoherstory.org.uk

Through kind permission from the history centre to use the letters, this blog fuses together past and present through a series of replies to Amy from today’s modern world. Each reply to Amy is based on themes occurring in her letters. Topics range from homesickness to young love to entertainment and to future dreams and aspirations.

Readers are encouraged to comment and share their thoughts, and to post these on social media sites also, using #IamAmy to share and connect with other readers.

Follow the blog for opportunities to have your words published as a personal interview or as your very own letter to Amy!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IamlivingAmy/

Twitter: @IamlivingAmy




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