How am I supposed to live without you?

‘Amy threw herself on her bed and, between Amy’s wrenching sobs, Winifred extracted the reason why Hans had been so anxious to see her. Hans had married on 14 July 1928 at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Hull.’[1]

There it is. Rock bottom. The end of the precariously unpredictable, hazardous slope you’ve been sliding down for the last few months. And it couldn’t have ended any worse for you than this. The one thing that you thought he would never do. He wasn’t the ‘marrying kind’.

 ‘Hans may or may not have chosen to tell Amy about the most devastating aspect of his marriage: that his new wife was pregnant.’[2]

Now, the truth weighs you down with a huge cloud of devastation, disbelief and heartbreak. I’m so sorry, Amy. My heart aches with your sadness and my tears fall for the irreparable damage in your heart as you mourn the death of your relationship.

Don’t let this knock you down, Amy. You will rise above it, you know. You will use the anger and hurt you feel to achieve the greatest things you never thought possible.

“Best of luck in whatever you decide to do with the rest of your life – I hope you have lots more happiness and success to come in the future. Let me know if chance you’re in town.”[3]

You will go out into the world and show everyone that you can change it. You want to fly, remember? You really want to fly.

Amy Johnson letters used with kind permission of Hull Local Studies Library, Hull History Centre


8 secrets of getting over a hurtful breakup:

[1] Gillies, Queen of the Air, 61

[2] Gillies, Queen of the Air, 62

[3] Johnson, communication with Arregger [Letter]. 1928

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