To enrich a lasting peace

“I wonder why it is that this precious peace I’m always trying to find is always just out of reach and hiding round the corner.” [1]

Amy 1930 Jun 16 NSW

Dear Amy,

On 7th July 2005, 52 people were killed and over 700 were injured as four Islamic extremists detonated bombs stored in their backpacks in different locations on the London transport system. England reeled in shock as scenes of horror showed the dead, the injured, and the destroyed. Everyone began to walk; away from London, away from the hurt and the city they had put their trust into. London sat still, mourning its losses. England no longer felt safe.

Today, the world still doesn’t feel safe. All across the globe we see violence, death and destruction. We cannot just sit still, yet we live in a world of fear. In the almost 100-year gap since your letters were written, right between World War one and World War Two, it doesn’t feel as though the world has learned very much. I’m know you dreamed of a peaceful world. We are still dreaming.

“Where is it all going to end? In another war to end wars? Or in a war which will end us?”[2]


[1] Johnson, communication with Arregger [Letter]. 12 October 1925.

[2] Johnson, Sky Roads of the World, 286

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